What Vegetarians Eat at Walt Disney World, Part II

As shared last week in Part I of this two-part series, my family adores Walt Disney World — and Walt Disney World food! We’ve eaten a lot of meals here, over the last decade (and then some): date night dinners and family meals, snacks and small plates and shared plates and so many bites in-between.

But what on earth can a vegetarian (sometimes pescatarian) and other plant-based folks eat? Well, as it turns out: quite a lot! Here’s how my family eats cruelty-free in the most magical place on earth.

Up first: Hollywood Studios!

  • You can find a most surprising (and thoroughly filling) vegetarian chili-cheese nachos at the Dockside Diner (former Bill & Min’s). The chili is 100% meat-free! In fact, if you’re of the vegan persuasion, you can actually skip the sour cream and make this hefty dish of chips and chili a 100% animal-free meal — just double up on the pico and guacamole.  Because yum.  
Chili-Cheese Nachos at Dockside Diner, Hollywood Studios
  • In the ALL NEW Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the Quick Service dining location, Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo offers an absolutely unbelievable vegan Kafta. My first bite of this dish nearly sent me into outer space. With a white bean hummus, perfectly spiced Kafta balls (no meat there!), warm pita, fresh micro greens, and an olive oil drizzle, this meal will set you back about $13, but it’s worth every penny. It’s my new Go-To meal for Hollywood Studios park days!
the new vegan Kafta meal at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge
  • The new Toy Story Land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios has a vegetarian option for their Tot’chos dish at Wood’s Lunchbox, a miraculous concoction of Fritos chips, sour cream, cheesy-gravy-like substance, crisp green onions, and fried tater tots.  All you have to do is ask for the vegetarian version of their Tot’chos — or ask for the vegan version, with vegan cheese (no sour cream) and voila!  Plant-based dining at its nasty-good finest.  This is a super delicious treat, and filling, all at just $10.
  • Woody’s Lunchbox also offers a pretty killer tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich (not pictured). The soup is creamy and delicious, while the sandwich is crusty and gooey. It’s a perfect comfort food meal at $9 for the grilled cheese and $4 to add-on the soup.
Tot’chos at Andy’s Lunchbox, Toy Story Land, Hollywood Studios
Hollywood Brown Derby salad (upper left) and off-menu pasta dish at Mama Melrose (right)
  • If you’re looking for a sit-down spot to get out of the heat, no problem.  You can find a delicious greens ‘n things salad (replete with goat cheese, sliced pears, and candied walnuts) over at The Hollywood Brown Derby (above Left), or if you’re wanting something a little more comforting, head over to Mama Melrose’s for a whopping dish of creamy pasta, shaved parmesan, sun dried tomatoes, and basil chiffonade;  this was a chef special, cooked up custom for my daughter, upon request.  

(Side Note: Disney chefs are fantastic about cooking up something for anyone with specialized diets — so if you don’t see something to your liking on the menu, just ask!)

  • 50’s Prime Time Cafe is one of my family’s favorites, and while meatloaf, gravy, and fried chicken feature prominently on the menu there, you’ll also find some plant-based goodness! I recently enjoyed a vegan iceberg wedge with coconut “bacon”; thoroughly delightful! I also had their vegan dish of lentils, kale, and foraged mushrooms with vegan ricotta; I personally found it too spicy for my tastes, but if you like the heat, this is the dish for you.

But the BEST place for food any kind on Disney World property?

Epcot, hands down! World renowned for its food festivals and creative culinary creations, Epcot’s eleven land pavilions in its World Showcase boasts flavor around every corner.  We love to spend an entire day sampling this, that, and the other, “snacking around the world”.

I’ll be spending a separate blog post to highlight Epcot’s culinary delights from Food & Wine and Flower & Garden — so for now, let’s focus on what can be enjoyed year-round at Epcot’s many pavilions.

The Mickey Pretzel is a classic!
  • Most snacks in Epcot eat like tiny meals — from sweet to savory.  If you’re on the Disney dining plan, do save some (most!) of your snack credits to enjoy snack-dining here. A fan favorite (found in all of the parks, actually) are the giant Mickey pretzels with “plastic cheese” (seen above), but my personal favorite is the School Bread from Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe, Norway.
  • Looking for something more substantial? Look no further than Rose & Crown Pub, where you’ll find an absolutely crave-worthy vegan Bangers and Mash. Their Potato Leek soup is also to DIE for (!), creamy and warm and velvety in your moth.
Potato Leek Soup (left) and Vegan Bangers and Mash (right)
Epcot’s Rose & Crown Pub, UK Pavillion

And finally, a quick hop, skip, and a jump (or just a Monorail ride) will find you in Disney’s Magic Kingdom!

  • First off, let’s talk snacks!  Magic Kingdom is my favorite place on earth, and snacking in the Magic Kingdom is one of my favorite things to do.  I’ve already mentioned THE giant Mickey pretzel (in Epcot), but eating it in the Magic Kingdom is really the best thing ever — that  cheese dipping sauce, y’all … it is life. Toss in a frozen coke, and you’re basically the happiest ever.
Pineapple Upside-Down Dole Whip (top left) and Dole Whip Float (top right)
The Cheshire Cattail (bottom left) and Mickey Pretzel with Frozen Coke (bottom right)
  • Speaking of LIFE, two words: Dole.  Whip.  Have one if you’ve never had one. Have another if you’ve already had one.  This vegan treat is to die for, as-is in a cup, as a pineapple float, even on the pineapple upside down cake.  It never disappoints. Dole Whip can never disappoint.  Sometimes it “never disappoints” me as often as twice a day! 

(I have a serious Dole Whip addiction….)

  • A new-ish treat to be found in Magic Kingdom is the Cheshire Cat’tail, over on the Tomorrowland side of  Fantasyland (near the Mad Tea Cups ride).  It’s a sort of crispy-gooey cruller kind of confection, with melty chocolate in the center, and a sweet icing drizzle.  This one kinda surprised me — in a good way;  I highly recommend it.
  • If what you need is a table service meal, I’m a big fan of The Crystal Palace, just off of Main Street, and with views of Cinderella Castle.  This is an all-you-can-eat buffet, with tons of vegetable offerings — and the chef will even make you special dishes to suit!  If the mac-n-cheese, roasted veggie medley, steamed green beans, and whipped potatoes aren’t to your liking, you can request a dish of fried rice with edemame, mushrooms, corn, and carrots — a perfectly seasoned vegan dish.

That’s all for today, and we covered some serious Disney ground!  Thanks for joining in — happy noshing in the most magical place on earth!

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