My Stay at Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort – a Mid-Century-Modern Dream Come True

Ever wished you could don your sweater set and sunshine yellow capris, hop in the back of Dad’s ’55 Ford Fairlane, and take out on Route 66?

Well, you can do that (or same as!) when you check into the Mid Century Mod glory that is Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort.

Styled after the beach resorts that dotted Florida’s coasts in the 50’s and 60’s, this resort is the ultimate in nostalgic fun. I recently stayed a night here, and it made my MCM-loving heart so sublimely happy. 

The place is airy, casual, and fun. From the beach-themed murals to the “dad’s bar” vibe at the hotel bar, the place positively purred “put on your cat eye glasses, sweetheart”. But sadly, I didn’t have any cat eye glasses.

[I should really get myself a pair of cat eye glasses … ]

The hotel has a lot to offer! From couples to families to solo travelers, Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort is a happy, happenin’ place. With a game room, bowling alley (yes, really!), superbly themed fitness center (more on that in a bit), shopping, grab-n-go dining, and in-room pizza delivery, I found my stay here so pleasant I didn’t really wanna return home.


Cabana Bay Beach Resort’s Bayliner Diner (pictured above) is the perfect sit-down, or grab-n-go meal choice, with opening hours as late as one-hour after park closing, so you can get your grub on no matter when the munchies strike. They serve everything from sandwiches and salads, pasta, fresh fruit, seasonal soups, pizzas and flatbreads, burgers and fries, even some vegan and vegetarian offerings. They’ve got it all, breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

The Universal Store at Cabana Bay Beach Resort
Galaxy Bowl

Prepare to get your Retro on at Jack Lalanne’s Physical Fitness Studio. Don’t misunderstand me: I’m no fitness guru, not at all. But I still went a little ga-ga over the theming of this place! Lalanne was the fitness king of the 50’s and 60’s — in fact, it can safely be said he was single-handedly responsible for making America aware of the importance of exercise. The guy is a legend, and this fitness center is his shrine, with a collection of hundreds of Lalanne’s personal photographs, trophies, and even some of his fitness equipment that folks like us can try out.

[Don’t worry: there’s also a fully-functional, state-of-the-art, 21st century workout room, replete with modern treadmills and weights. There’s even a personal trainer on board to help you make the most of your time and workout goals.]

And if all of these public spaces weren’t enough to make you wish you had a time machine — y’all, just wait until you get a load of the guest rooms!

Cabana Bay Beach Resort’s Standard Room, Volcano Bay Park View
Actual view of Volcano Bay Park from your resort room!

I stayed a night in one of the four towers at Cabana Bay Beach Resort, and I was giddy at how comfortable, spacious (so spacious!), and fun my room was! Would you just look at all of these perfectly themed accents and nods to Mid-Century glory?!?

In-room coffee maker (top left), excellent safety features in-room (bottom left),
and probably my Grandma’s bedside table clock, circa 1961
(kidding …. maybe …)
“You’re not fully clean unless you’re ZEST-fully clean!”
Such a great bathroom! The formica floor was so perfectly 1960-kitsch.

I was given the opportunity to tour another of the room offerings during my stay, a Family Suite — and it did not disappoint. Outfitted with a kitchenette, sitting room (with a sofa bed), bedroom (with two additional beds), and a split bathroom, there’s plenty of space in here for everyone and Grandma too. (Cabana Bay Beach Resort Family Suites sleep 6)

Check out the awesome sitting room and kitchenette. I swear, it’s like I’ve stepped back in time. I love it so much!
Opposing views of the main bedroom, which sleeps four.
Cabana Bay Beach resort Family Suites offer guests two vanities and a tub/shower combo.

I spent a good portion of my time at Cabana Bay, just chilling in my room. I’d had every intention of trying out the pool — which was just as superbly themed as the rest of the resort, but the call of pizza and Netflix was louder. (Hey, a girl can enjoy her modern comforts alongside her MCM-delights.)

Yes, you can have pizza delivered to your room (and it’s delizioso).
I indulged in a personal-sized cheese pizza and a 1-Liter water for around $23.
The pool has a lazy river.
You read that right: an actual Lazy River!

And all of this is within mere walking distance of Universal’s three theme parks. Entrance to Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Park is a mere twenty-six steps (I counted!) from the Cabana Bay Beach Resort Pool. And I was astounded at how quickly I could leave my room and make my way to either Universal Studios Park or Islands of Adventure Park — just 25 minutes in total, from stepping across the threshold of my room to stepping across the threshold of Universal’s City Walk, with bus ride, security checks, and all.

Kinda blown away by the ease of Park hopping here, y’all. Universal Studios Resort, Orlando is da bomb.

So are you ready to grab your Beach Boy vinyls and head over to Universal Studios, Orlando for a relaxing respite, 1950’s style?

Contact your Universal Orlando specialist (that’s me!) at today — and I will get you booked for a vacation of Mid-Century-Modern proportions.

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